Hi Wendy & David

Wendy - June & I thoroughly enjoyed your birthday party .....

on Saturday 19/11/11 in the Lewis Jones Suite, Headingley.

'The Lodge' was excellent for our nights stay - a pity they don't serve breakfasts in the restaurant at weekends - it would have allowed a final 'get together' before departing.  [I understand that they are considering weekend catering].

Enjoy your birthday -  click here for your birthday card

Love & Best Wishes,  Chloe,  June  & Melvin 

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[a NEW website set up by my Mel's friend Graham Thirkill - Ravenscar - x Armley]

Wendy & David's Boats & Caravan

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Moon & Sixpence at Skipton          Click Here for More Pictures of Moon & Sixpence
Now for sale (June, 2013) - visit www.moonsix.co.uk


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Water Gypsy          Click Here for More Pictures of Water Gypsy

Visit  http://www.divingdirect.co.uk/  [Distant relative of Mel's at Redcar]

Use WebCam Tab for visibility checks (Redcar) 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Saturday
Though this feature does not seem to be in use now ?

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