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WORLD WAR 2  1939-1945

Notes by Mel Ashton - for Doreen Wilkinson - Nov. 2007 - updated April 2013

Click Here to view a Victory Celebration Certificate and Important War Dates Victory Celebration Certificate
Presented to all school children
after the end of World War II

Click Here for information on the 'Womens Land Army'
Womens Land Army

Click Here to View a typical Ration Book (Clothing Coupons)
Ration Books
(Clothing Coupon)

Click Here for information on Air Raid Sirens and Air Raid Shelters
Air raid shelters & sirens

Click Here for information on Evacuees


Click Here for general information on gas masks
Gas Masks (General)

Click Here for information on childrens gas masks
Gas Masks - Children

Click Here for information on babys gas masks
Gas Masks - Baby

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