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Many web browsers, including Apple & Firefox, do not support background sounds.
A short sound can, however, give a useful audible indication of a successful page download.
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SOUND FILES (more to follow)       Click Here for some Test Sounds

TITLE (alphabetical order)




Amazing Grace wav 378k  
Birthday wav 63k  
Connect wav 22k Used on many of Mel's pages
Dirty 12 wav 809k  
Exploring Space wav 207k  
Ilkley Moor Baht At mp3 4.6 M  
Ilkley Moor - Cranbrook mid 1k  
I'm Alive wav 408k  
Hold Me wav 357k  
Lonely Island wav 711 k  
Moon River wav 1.07 M  
Morning wav 1.1 M  
One Day I'll Fly Away wav 1.4M Nicole Kidmane
Rose mid 6k  
Rosegarden mid 25k  
Spirit in the Sky m4a 8.9Mb Large iTunes file - opens iTunes window
Spirit in the Sky wav 187M Large converted file - contains advert sections !
Snow White (mp3) 17 M Ladybird Sound File
Solitaire wav 248k  
Wedding wav 1.2 M  
What a Wonderful World wav 314k Louis Armstrong (Sachmo)
Where have all the flowers gone mid 26k Ernie - this was the background tune to your recent
 'silly' - a lovely one.  I think it will work from here and
am looking into why it won't work in your browser.
If you open my test sounds I think you might find that
only the 'wav' sounds work ?
XMAS Noel wav 474 k  
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