THE SMOKING BAN    (personal comments by Mel Ashton)

As a 68 year old non-smoker, (never-smoked, other than at secondary school !), I have not been too concerned with the smoking ban - however, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

Though a non-smoker myself, smoking does not bother me - providing that the smoker does not hold the cigarette away from his / herself and allows the smoke to drift directly into my face !

Indeed, as a regular pub & club visitor, I feel that the atmosphere has diminished in most establishments as a result of the ban.  Remember that many older pubs had a 'Smoke Room' - titled as such - often on a frosted glass door panel.

Obviously most, if not all, would support the smoking ban in areas where food is consumed.

My previous attempt to help the petition to No. 10 had little effect so .....

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Further Information - including current legal situation

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Melvin Ashton, Outwood, Wakefield, West Yorkshire                                   March, 2009
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