Testing Mel's trial remote access program
Thank you for considering helping me to check out this TRIAL version of a remote technician program.  The program is expensive so I may not purchase the product.

I have tried another version which is EXTREMELY good but is far too expensive.

A trial session with me, at a mutually agreed time, should only take about 20 / 30 minutes during which time I should, WITH YOUR PERMISSION, be able to control your computer.  You will also have control, (mouse etc.), and the remote session can be terminated at any time from EITHER END.

IF I purchase the product, I hope to recover the cost with a small charge for solving minor computer problems - e.g. 5.00 for a successful solution to a problem - no solution, no charge and, of course, no charge for trial sessions !

Though not very proficient with computers myself, I MAY be able to assist new users, children, (UNDER PARENTAL SUPERVISION), and  'silver surfers' (like myself).

There is also a 'screen sharing facility' so, hopefully, we should be able to transfer large files either way (e.g. files & programs too large to email).

A 'chat' feature allows us to converse during the session, though a quick telephone call may be better until control is established.

If you are able to help, please send an email to mel@melashton.co.uk or give me a quick call on:

(01924) 834 464  or  07740 282 567 (mobile call or text).

Have this page open, then go to:

This will open a new window so that you can get back here if you, (or I), wish.

The FIRST TIME (only) you will need to download a small program - after successful download,  (and on any future occasions), you should receive a six digit 'Client ID' which I need for the remote session.  This can be conveyed by email or telephone.  Once a session is 'in progress' no telephone connection will be required.

On initial setup, your screen MAY go blank for a very short period and, when set up, you will need to 'reply' to accept full remote control before a 'session can begin'.

Specimen screen (a NEW code will be generated for each session).

P.S. Some of my previous help issues can be found on:

Thank you for your cooperation - move to Mel's Home Page

Probable cost to me will be around:

210 / year  or  28 / 10 sessions (i.e. 2.80 / session)

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