Mel Ashton 4th August, 2008

Clarence Dock Moorings (Leeds) information received by post 13/06/08

I downloaded the BW mooring tenders spreadsheet.

It was a bit messy so I tidied it up so it SHOULD now look ok.
I have set it to view at 80% (in toolbar).
If this needs setting on your computer you can adjust the width (%) to suit.
Note the following  - higher than the guide price, e.g.
Whitley Lock - guide price 1183  -  tender 3157
Whitley Lock - guide price 986    -  tender 1548
Kings Road   - guide price 1175  -   tender 1712
Lincoln Residential - guide price 1793  -  tender 3020
Note some of the tenders are LOWER than the guide price, e.g.
Stanley Ferry   - guide price 1166  -   tender 800
BW promised public consultation on this move after the half way point in the trial.

The consultation period has just begun and runs until 20th August 2008. A copy of the full paper is published at (web page with links to other information).

I have downloaded the 31 page consultation document and the 2 Page response form (WORD).

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