To:  Eileen Carr (Community Care Officer)
Northern Gas Networks
Unit 8,Temple Point
Finch Drive
Leeds  LS15 9JQ

And to whom it may concern ....

Replacement of metal gas pipes:

Dear Ms Carr,

As you are aware, the metal gas pipes in our property, (and all properties in the area), are currently being replaced; in our case, Bolus Close, WF1 3DJ, the work has now been completed and I would like to complement the sub-contractors on their work .....

As far as I am aware, the team concerned with 'our' Wakefield District Housing bungalow were;

Laurence Pearson,
David Neilson,
Nick Lambert
Garry Peal
and Daman ?

The work is obviously part of a VERY LARGE project but, in our case, my wife and I would like to thank the above team who:
Worked very hard to complete the pipe replacement in a relatively short time;
Were polite and courteous at all times, especially while working inside our bungalow.

Again, please inform anyone concerned with this work, particularly the sub-contractor team above.

Yours sincerely,
Melvin and June Ashton
11 Bolus Close
Wakefield WF1 3DJ
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