Information regarding the Bolus Close Web Pages

I set up these Bolus Close web pages with a desire to provide a multi-way communication facility for local residents.

My idea was / is to provide positive help to Tarn Court residents which includes local crime information, (burglaries and other crimes), with access to further information and contacts. 

In order to 'lighten' the website content, I included a link to my 'Kids Stuff' pages which provides games and educational information for children and adults ?

Being retired and over 72 years of age, these pages, games, etc. are very basic and I would request feedback on any problems encountered or editing desired, including any request for pages or page content to be edited, deleted or added.

These pages are, of course, available for general browsing and I hope that they may be of particular use to Bolus Close and the local area.

Emails are only sent when received from the police / local residents etc. and should not cause significant increase in your emails.

Please add me to your Bolus Close Mail Group

Please delete me from your Tarn Court Mail Group

I am prepared to take over the Tarn Court Web Pages

Please note that email addresses and other contact information will NOT be displayed on any web pages or emails without the specific permission of the resident.

Further Pages Relating to Bolus Close and nearby areas

If you have information and / or pictures that you feel will be of interest to your neighbours, please inform me:

Preferably by email (possibly attached pictures and / or document files); or

By posting through our letter box at No.11 Bolus Close
(any pictures, documents, etc. will be scanned and returned if an addressed envelope is supplied)

Regards, Mel Ashton & June Spawforth (No.11 BolusClose).
Not forgetting Bolus Close Watch Dog 'Chloe'

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