Memory Bits

Your Reference: 3678813A
Order No:  ROK/3678813A
Date 28/10/13
Dear Team,
I recently ordered a quantity of AA and AAA Philips batteries which were received on the
30/10/03 (see delivery note), however ........
Unfortunately the quantities received were incorrect (reversed).
I ordered 4 x AAA packs and received 8 x AAA packs
I ordered 8 x AA packs and received 4 x AA packs
Also, many of the packs were detached from their cardboard display backings.  Though not too important, since these batteries are intended to be included with children’s Xmas gifts, the correct packaging would have been preferred.
The packaging was received intact with no sign of any damage.
Please could you supply a further 4 packs of AA batteries – I am prepared to keep the additional AAA the batteries supplied and pay for the 4 x AA batteries omitted.

Click Here for the 4 x AA packs

Click Here for the 8 x AAA packs