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It's was 6:40 am on Sunday, 8th March, 2015  (bed time ?) ..............

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Sorry, this is getting a bit like a cross between 'Faceache' and 'Wikipedia' but ...........

June & I got home from Lofthouse Gate Working Men's Club about 12:20 am and went to bed;
However, at 4:30 am, I was awoken by our Toy Poodle 'Chloe'; As usual, she demanded a chew stick before she went out for a pee.  I had a pee while she ate her chew stick; we then both went to bed but, though June & Chloe were both asleep, I was left awake and 'thinking' .......

Much of my time is currently occupied by changes to my website - due to the death of June's brother in law on 27th February, 2015.  Denis was almost 91 years of age, had recently had several falls, was adamant that he didn't want to go into a residential or nursing home and was ready to go!   He had his final fall, ended up in St. James's Hospital with infected urine, had dementure due to the infection, (gall stones?), and died of Pneumonia.
As executors of his will, June and I are left to sort everything out, hence recent late nights / early mornings.

However, we had a great night in the concert room at Lofthouse Gate Working Men's Club and, in the lounge I met old friends, (in BOTH senses of the word), Dave Walker, his brother Cliff and their wives.  This reminded me that David, Cliff and John O'Toole had been VERY GOOD FRIENDS for MANY years and helped me through very tough times when I suffered depression following my divorce after 25 years of marriage in 1990 - I came home from a Wakefield canal festival unexpectedly in the early hours one morning and found my now ex-wife Meg in OUR bed with a 'friend' of ours, (usual story, he was married with children).

All long gone history but obviously never forgotten !

I doubt that I thanked my close family and friends sufficiently but recent events have finally got me around to it  ...........

There are others, apologies if omitted - please remind me but, some are listed here:

1) My vey long time friends, Dave Walker, John O'Toole and friends, colleague Frank Riley.

2) My Late Mum, Violet Ashton, at 88 years of age;

3) My Sister Doreen and, then husband, the late Maurice Wilkinson;

4) Friends met 'tonight' in Lofthouse Gate Working Men's Club (hence this update);

5) Isherwood's work Colleague and College Lecturer Ian Lindley (retired like myself).

I left school at 14 years of age - see my CV ? - and all my studies were part time.

View my Family Tree here ?

6) June's step-son Paul Spawforth Snr., his wife Susan, (nee Rothwell) and her daughter Sally.

Paul Jnr. and Sally have now been married for several years and now have a son, Elliott, Junes Great Grandson !!  and we hope to live 'happily ever after' !!

7) LAST BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST, my lovely wife and previous partner of 25 years, June Ashton, previously Spawforth, nee Harrison;

I met June in Outwood Working Men's Club she was with my Sister Doreen and other friends.

June herself was suffering from depression following the death of her husband Michael who had died in 1988 as a result of extensive burns due to a car fire.  Though an 'open verdict' was recorded, many considered at the time, and some still do, that it was a suicide.
June has ALWAYS maintained that this was not the case as they were in love, always went out together, and were 'soul mates'.
My conversations with Michaels late Mother and other family members, including his Sister Pat, (St Annes), have convinced me that the car fire was a VERY TRAGIC ACCIDENT - an open verdict was recorded.
When Michael took June to work, at Plastona, (Waddington's), the front windscreen was 'steaming up'.  Though they both smoked, they had forgotten their cigarettes so could not smoke.  On his return Michael took a detour - probably to visit gardening friend the late Julie (male) Lapitz.
Michael had a can of lawn fertilizer in the boot of his car - the police considered this as a possible accelerant and, since Michael had driven his car off the road, a possible suicide was considered but an open verdict was recorded.  June was obviously severely depressed and failed to mention these points to the police team.  Michael had got out of his car and was found some distance away.  He had rolled over to try and douse the flames but suffered very severe burns and died at the location.

June always loved her husband and, out of respect for him, refused to marry me despite my many requests.  Some 15 years ago, we moored my narrowboat at Selby and became members of the Selby Railway and Sports Club.  Unknown to June, I got the artiste to ask her to marry me from the stage !  June was 'gob smacked' and did not reply.  The artiste said "well you could just say yes or no" to which she replied "yes" but whispered to me "I didn't say when" !
June finally accepted and we were married on the 30th August 2014 (my 74th birthday).

Both her family and Michael's family have accepted me as part of their families for some 25 years; Step son Paul - ALWAYS refers to June as MUM and June refers to him as HER SON.
Paul helped me when I ran my 'Narrowboat Charter' business at Stanley Ferry.  Steve, a boating friend once asked him if I was his Dad - apparently Paul replied "no but I've adopted Melvin as my Dad" - rather touching when I heard of this !
When Paul Snr. divorced his ex-wife, he came to live with June and I at HER house in Johns Avenue, Lofthouse.  A short time later, his Son Paul Jnr. also came to live with us - and their dog!
Later I helped him purchase a narrowboat at Stanley Ferry as a temporary home. While here, he met his 'now wife' Susan, nee Rothwell.  Paul & Susan now live in Croften and visit us regularly, as does Paul Jnr. with 'now wife' Sally - nee Sally Rothwell - Susan's daughter !!!
Paul & Susan have a lovely Son, Elliott, June's Great Grandson! My thanks and appreciation to ALL.

June is the most honest person I have met and her families have always accepted me as part of their family, (my love to June and thanks to them also).

My ex-wife Meg and I unfortunately had no children - we never had tests as Meg didn't like the thought of doctors examining her and, though I perhaps I should have, I never got around to it.
I like babies - though I couldn't eat a whole one !

Mum used to say "who will look after you when you get old" but, to me, this  not a good reason to have children and, though Doreen and I, (Melvin), did the best we could for our Dad and Mum, I do not want anyone to look after me.  June insists that she would if required but I have said I don't want it.  We have just lost her brother in law and, though we have done our best for him, he has been very demanding.  After his death, June and I are currently sorting out his affairs - though with persuasion, he did make me Lasting Power of Attorney over his affairs and, again with persuasion, he has left a will (I am an executor but not a beneficiary).

Dad only mentioned once that, since my Cousin Des Ashton, only had a daughter, the 'Ashton' family will end after the current family.   This is a pity so, now that June and I are married, perhaps we can try for a family ??  (hope she doesn't read this !)

My ex-wife Meg and I used to 'borrow' Doreen & Alan - her first husband's - children and take them to Flamborough, abroad etc. It was great - we thoroughly enjoyed it and could take them back afterwards !

I am sure that Julie, Leanda (Lee), and Nigel will remember these times

Updates (reverse chronological order):  10/04/15 Refresh Here

10/04/15  LOTS of people regularly ask me how Ian Lindley is doing, but, though I live very close to him, I never see him.  His email's have bounced for a long time so Ian & Susan MAY have stopped using emails.  No excuses, I DID walk over and leave information !
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Ian and Susan spend much of their time in Spain - Susan's daughter & her husband have property over there !

09/03/15  Tony Brown, ex Isherwood's work Colleague, was upset about not being included in my list of friends - I think he just want's to ensure that he gets to any parties or reunions !

Anyone else got anything to say here (polite PLEASE)

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